Sinbad Scuba is dedicated teaching all interested individuals how to scuba dive.

The waters of the world are waiting for you to come explore their seascapes, fish life, corals and historical shipwrecks. There are warm waters the world over with wonders for world and work- weary divers to explore.
Jeffrey Sanow, owner of Sinbad Scuba, is certified by both PADI and the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) to teach scuba diving, including individuals with virtually any physical challenge.  He has joined with Aquatic Adventures of Florida and Blue Grotto to provide PADI and HSA instruction to all interested individuals in central Florida. They have a private classroom and pool where the scuba skills can be introduced, modified as needed to insure mastery for all students.  Open water dives where skills can be demonstrated are done in the Blue Grotto which has recently been renovated to be friendly to individuals with physical challenges.

Jeff Sanow is a Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) IDC Staff Instructor (626336) and HSA Instructor (2693).  He is also an Emergency First Responder Instructor and Instructor Trainer.  As a PADI instructor with over 10 yrs of teaching experience and hundreds of certifications at many levels, Jeff is qualified to apply HSA standards to allow virtually any individual with the desire to be certified to scuba dive.


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